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*****Grand re-opening special************   $25.99 gets you ONE BEST SELLER AND  FREE BOOKS!   just order we ship for free! 



No matter what your genre we've got you covered!  We will put together a surprise package of great books for you from our vast selection on hand!

  Just let us know in the message area of the cart what you are looking for.  Packages range from $25.00 and up, increasing by $25.00 - skys the limit!

All our books are bright, shiny and new!  

Some examples of requests might be:   books on unicorns for a 4th grader;   

I just love thrillers, adult;  I'm into history, grade level, or adult;  Learning package for a 5th grader.

I'm into romance novels!  etc; sorry can't request authors, but you can say don't want xxxx.

As you know we got it all, we will event throw in a super surprise too!